Floor Cleaning

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Zimick Brothers cleans and maintains most types of flooring. For your vinyl or V.C.T. floors, we will machine strip or machine scrub (whichever is warranted) and recoat with 25% high-solid finish to keep your floors looking new.

We can also steam clean with our truck mount you ceramic/ stone tile floor to get that grout as clean as possible.
If it is a wood floor you are looking to clean, we can get that done for you as well. Our techs will first sweep, and then mop with a neutral cleaner to rinse the floor before they apply a paste wax with a high speed machine. *We do not recommend waxing floors where elderly reside, and we will not do stairs.

If it is a basement or garage cement floor, we can also steam clean those. Ask about our stone sealer, especially if you are thinking about painting the floor.